The Hidden Orchestra

20120509-122738 AM.jpg

One of the best things about this city (I know I’ve only been here a week but I have indeed always loved this about London) is the crazy amount of stuff happening…all the time!!

I have enjoyed a few gigs of some favourite bands, always awesome.

But something I truly love, is discovering new bands at gigs…via amazing friends who take me along or suggest something they think I’ll enjoy…and so on Sunday night, my friend and temporary flatmate/landlord had a spare ticket for The Hidden Orchestra.

As the tickets were a gift to her, she didn’t know them either, a quick YouTube search had us wanting more, excited to discover another cool band…I know I’m quite out of the loop (years on the other side of the world then months without a base will do that to you) and that was confirmed as the gig was completely sold out! A good sign, and to their credit they earned all their fans by being so damn awesome. Think jazzy drum n bass…oh and two drummers. Yep TWO DRUMMERS! Any band with two drummers is already rocking it. These guys were so freakin good…they were playing together, against each other…ahh it was so perfectly done too.

Now I may have mentioned this before (I seem to have posted the same video clip twice so it wouldn’t surprise me) but I have had truly shit luck with supporting acts.

I don’t quite understand it really. I mean as far as I know, supporting acts are meant to be local talent, up and coming artists, in the same vein as the main acts…a chance to discover some cool new musos, perhaps become a fan and buy an album or tshirt or something.

Somehow, and perhaps it’s a Melbourne thing…my gig experience of the past few years has been great for the main acts but abysmal in the supporting act department. Not average. Like really really really bad.

Needless to say I’m now quite apprehensive when it comes to supporting acts. I try to get there as late as possible so I’m just in time for the real thing!

Well we miscalculated and managed to make it while the first supporters were playing…damn.
But actually, they weren’t too bad. And they probably were in the vein of the main act. Only whinier. But enjoyable nonetheless.

But The Hidden Orchestra, man those guys were unreal! Look them up, or go see them. They’re rad.