feels like forever ago


scale it back

almost 4 months after departing australia by force…I have yet to relocate properly. it seems easy to stop in limbo and reflect. i suppose choosing a new direction and location isn’t that easy after all. especially when being forced to leave the place i chose and loved so very much.

so how to move past this and go forward? travel helped me further define what i’m actually looking for now. i thought i was searching for a funky city that had so much to offer. but i realised that not only there are many cool places, but it’s more about what you find and make of it really.

i found many great places i am sure to return to, either to visit or live in the future. but i most certainly realised that what i’m after is a really inspiring opportunity. with this will bring love for a new place and culture most definitely.

between research and answers i’m sure to find a few options for what comes next.

more to come…

and everyone knows you’re trouble


I finally got around to posting those photos from August/September…it took a little while, and i have a few hundred more from everywhere since then, so i’d better find the time to get them up as well…my SD card is full so that’ll have to happen very soon.

These are a mix…Normandy, Northern France, Coastal Italy around Genova, Milan, Paris and Marseille

Firstly Coastal Normandy

It may not look like much, but below is a photo of the very best pesto there ever was…at a little restaurant in Arenzano, coastal Italy, near Genova…

A couple of randoms from Genova



Unite D’Habitation, La Cite Radieuse by Le Corbusier, Marseille

london in the summertime

so i finally got around to loading some photos from my first few weeks after australia….these are from london…from a time not too long ago when the sun was shining and the people were smiling…

it always amazes me how much a place changes from summer to winter…london is truly one of those places that is vastly different when the sun is out.

if you visit in the summer (or that lucky few weeks when it actually is summer) it’s almost a magical place, everyone is happy and outside, it almost sparkles….compare it to the drearier months of the year when people rush around with their heads down on their way to wherever it is they’re going…people are somewhat less friendly when it’s cold. winter isn’t welcoming we’ll say…

anyway i’m heading back there in about 10 days or so, i hear there are still warm sunny days…after weeks in france and italy i won’t count on that warmth….i’m kind of looking forward to layering again though…


i’ve been getting comfy back at home for a while, and it’s been so good to do very little but relax and eat loads of amazing food! also i discovered a little of northern france, coastal italy and Milan and spent a few days in Paris….some photos of some of that will be up soon…

i’m off to Barcelona next week then back to london for a bit before heading towards scandinavia…germany…netherlands…and wherever else takes my fancy…i’m shopping for a city!

one thing is for sure, it has to be a great coffee city….i am in serious lack of great coffee…

time for change

United Kingdom

Image by stumayhew via Flickr

well given that my life has been so full of change lately, i decided it was time to update the look of my blog.

i got sick of the blue to be honest. it was too much. this is super simple, and i’ll probably be sick of it soon, so expect some changes, more colour and more photos too.

after 3 weeks in london i have returned to my home land for some down time. it’s still summer here and that quiet heat along with lots of cheese seems to be exactly what i was after…

ill be setting off for some european travels soon, when i can find it in me to leave the comfort of home….its so beautiful here!

also ill try to put some random photos of london and northern france up soon before i have more from italy and spain!