scale it back

almost 4 months after departing australia by force…I have yet to relocate properly. it seems easy to stop in limbo and reflect. i suppose choosing a new direction and location isn’t that easy after all. especially when being forced to leave the place i chose and loved so very much.

so how to move past this and go forward? travel helped me further define what i’m actually looking for now. i thought i was searching for a funky city that had so much to offer. but i realised that not only there are many cool places, but it’s more about what you find and make of it really.

i found many great places i am sure to return to, either to visit or live in the future. but i most certainly realised that what i’m after is a really inspiring opportunity. with this will bring love for a new place and culture most definitely.

between research and answers i’m sure to find a few options for what comes next.

more to come…


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