scale it back

almost 4 months after departing australia by force…I have yet to relocate properly. it seems easy to stop in limbo and reflect. i suppose choosing a new direction and location isn’t that easy after all. especially when being forced to leave the place i chose and loved so very much.

so how to move past this and go forward? travel helped me further define what i’m actually looking for now. i thought i was searching for a funky city that had so much to offer. but i realised that not only there are many cool places, but it’s more about what you find and make of it really.

i found many great places i am sure to return to, either to visit or live in the future. but i most certainly realised that what i’m after is a really inspiring opportunity. with this will bring love for a new place and culture most definitely.

between research and answers i’m sure to find a few options for what comes next.

more to come…


city life

So the Flickr attachment was not quite what I had hoped, those tiny images won’t cut it in my opinion…

Here are some photos from the various cities I’ve visited in the past month…I might add I was also in Berlin which is gorgeous and super photogenic, however the weather was totally crap the entire time so my camera stayed in my bag unfortunately…guess I’ll have to go back!

London, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen & Amsterdam (at night)



the borough markets
London Bridge
look mum no hands!
Shoreditch High Street station
Club Row

Londonicious, a set on Flickr.

With 3 days of solid rain (almost like monsoon) it wasn’t too hard to find the time to finally get the rest of these up…separated by city, so there’s more coming.

Even London looks like those warm days already being missed…not often I could say that.

Also I’m trying to use Flikr to load photos on here as the wordpress process is very slow and makes me want to put a fork through my eye…this doesn’t seem much better so I’m working on it.

que calor en la ciudad

At the end of September I went down to Barcelona to visit a friend before heading off to find a new city to live further north…looking over these photos those hot sunny days seem so far away, having spent the past month in the much colder north…

So here is a little taste of Barcelona, in autumn…or almost. Beautiful.