champagne coast

having just looked back at my last post with all the london photos from when i first arrived in august, i can hardly believe the difference now!

after about 5 weeks away in france, italy and barcelona i have returned to london for a week…where it’s pretty much winter! it’s more than a world away from what i experienced upon my last visit and though i talked about how much places change with seasons i guess seeing it myself in such a short space of time, i have really realised it more..

also coming from barcelona where it was truly summer (for me anyway) and arriving in the midst of autumn makes the change all that more shocking.

i’m just about finding the time to work on and put up a couple of photos from northern france and italy and i still have hundreds to upload and look through from barcelona…i was enthralled…and snap happy…the weather was stunning, the skies were blue…and the architecture is out of this world! the short time i was there was nowhere near enough so ill have to return…probably when this grey skies and cold weather business gets to be too much for me….at this rate it won’t be too long…

im off to scandinavia in a few days…i hear its colder than here…but then as long as its not always grey i do love autumn.

after an epic gig last night im feeling rather fragile today…time to go get some amazing coffee to make up for it!


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