London mess

after a crazy month in Melbourne, trying to wind everything down whilst catching up with everyone and seeing as much of my beloved city as possible I finally packed my stuff and left….after graduating and celebrating, of course.

arriving in a familiar place in the midst of displacement is surreal…more so when anarchy erupts and tens of thousands of police come out to serve and protect.

the riots in london were an explosion of a deep unhappiness, expressed in a terribly wrong way and all of those identified are now being trialled and jailed. the problem is still there. this isn’t over. oh, and the prisons are all over capacity.

thankfully that feeling is gone. it’s hard to explain. a sort of deep uneasiness in the gut. knowing that something’s wrong somewhere. police on patrol everywhere, and constant sirens all day and night.

a couple weeks here and I’m already antsy….it’s time to go lose myself for a bit, clear my head and decide where I’m going to live. probably here.



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