Bellingen…Byron…Brisbane…Easter Break

Over Easter I took a week off and went up to NSW to stay with some friends and do a mini road trip up towards Brisbane…here is a tiny selection of my photos from that trip….looking at those clear blue skies I can’t help reminiscing of a time when the weather was warm and there was nothing to do but relax…sounds like it’s time for another trip…

Above, Black Star Coffee, West End, Brisbane…cute little cafe in the back streets of West End, impressively roasting and bottling iced coffee on site

Bieber fever indeed, waiting to pick up Jina amongst the madness…

Despair in the departure lounge…stuck in Brisbane airport waiting for a flight out of there….9 hours later I’ve not only made friends and threatened many a Tiger Airlines employee, but have really built up a general hatred for the company and the airport…my plans to take them down are still brewing away…oh, and I’m still waiting for that reimbursement they promised…hah


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