in the world of stalking…

I’ve been thinking about this for a while…it seems to come up alot, be it in conversation or perhaps while you’re in conversation and someone’s on their phone with the latest status update…or even when we’re reminded that whatever you put online is up there forever…

Facebook is taking over the world…wait I’m probably a bit late on that one…it’s already happened…pretty much everyone is on there and uses it often if not daily.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m on facebook and I think it’s brilliant to keep in touch (I have friends and family far away) it’s also a great way of updating everyone you know at the same time about stuff going on…and for “social networking” and marketing type angles it’s a very useful tool.

I’m only questioning when it got so out of hand.

Even with privacy settings – let’s just say most people don’t even look into that – you can pretty much find someone you’re looking for and see quite a bit of information, photos and posts about them…they can then be judged for their internet persona, rather than the person they actually are…

Nowadays when you meet someone, it’s almost an instant friend request, most likely so you can “stalk” each other straight away, make your mind up…make sure they’re not too freaky for your liking…doesn’t that seem a little freaky in itself? If we were ever to go to these lengths in the past, it would have seemed wrong…stalkerish…and possibly illegal. Being a stalker is now a somewhat normal thing. Perhaps even something to be proud of? “Yeah he was on private but i found some photos through a friend of a friend”….GET A LIFE!

What makes me ponder this more than just people who have way too much free time and nothing better to do, is the fact that (unless you change the settings) your wall and photos and posts are publicly accessible…and when you go for an interview, they are likely to google you and look you up on facebook. We are now being judged far more than just the impression we give at the interview itself…and that doesn’t seem fair.

Ok fair enough, it’s public knowledge…but do we really know this going in?

But in this society, who are they to judge what you do in your free time? Clearly by putting those photos up in the first place you want people to know how you look and behave…but it’s probably not well thought through from the start…and we don’t always have control of what photos other people put up either.

These days this internet addiction and the constant need to be connected starts at a young age…and maybe these kids of the new generation don’t know these things…or they don’t care…they seem to be more constantly connected than most..

More than thinking about the image we’re trying to project, I question the future of our society…we spend more time in front of a screen than with people for real. We judge people based on this social media rather than the real things that can never be transmitted via technology…body language, chemistry, that look or touch…maybe in 10 years time none of that will exist…we won’t know how to do it or deal with it….everything will be via text.

Sounds horrible.

Already today most people communicate mostly by text. Entire relationships based on texting. So much is lost, misinterpreted and taken away by it. Not to mention how impersonal it is. Don’t get me wrong, I text as well…and I have so little free time that if I didn’t text friends, we probably wouldn’t be in contact much…

I look at it all and wonder how we got here…it’s such a bizarre phenomenon. We are losing the ability to communicate and connect for real…it’s becoming a real problem.

Between facebook, twitter, texting and internet dating, when do we connect with real people for real anymore? Is facebook stalking today’s background check?

The future looks scary…I can’t imagine where this generation and the next is headed…and how will we ever communicate for real in the future? Today communication has gone downhill majorly, and talking is hard for so many people…let’s be real guys…it really isn’t that hard.


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