under the pump

happily it’s not yet been a month since my last post…but close…ahhh i am so flat out at the moment i not only have no time but sadly, have nothing exciting to write about!

having picked up a second job on weekends i’m now without a day off…but loving it! now to find some time for those pesty assignments…who can be bothered? bring on full time work i say! yea it’s not quite as flexible sure – you can’t just not go in when you can’t be bothered…but still, you’re earning a living and i for one learn heaps faster on the job…as well as actually enjoying myself…i love the pressure, there’s nothing better than being totally flat out, when you’re working with competent, capable people of course…if you’re with complete retards there’s probably nothing worse!

so the exciting part is that i’m going away for easter…a little BBB break…and by that i mean Bellingen, Byron and Brisbane…cannot wait to get out of here!! for the past few weeks it has been my absolute saviour knowing that i’ll soon be gone for an entire week without work, assignments, oh and finding a place to live…that’s right i have to move again!

anyway it’s all ok and worth it…in 10 days ill be flying north towards sunshine, great company and awesome music (hopefully – bluesfest…we’ll see) either way…beaches…sunshine…no work!!!!!!! too good..bring it on…

for now though, it’s pissing down…after 2 really hot days…ahh Melbourne….back to gumtree and flatmate finders for me…

hope to have a bit more of a social life next week and get some photos up…no promises though….there will definitely be photos of my trip though!


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