A Queenslander in the Garden State

A couple of weeks ago now I had a friend down from Brisbane for 2 weeks…so here’s a little summary of what we got up to in that time amongst many other crazy times…

Foster the People at the Northcote Social Club…I’d never heard of these guys before my gig buddy suggested we go see them (they sold out both nights on their first ever international tour) Ok so most people who listen to the radio have heard of them…apparently they were huge on triple J…and by the way most people were singing along to the songs off their EP I imagine they’re quite popular…they were awesome.

It could look like this photos out of focus, but actually it’s perfectly captured the energy and movement of Foster the People…they were crazy energetic and moved all the instruments around between each song, swapping each other and rearranging the stage…it was nuts! Their new stuff (yet to be released) was so good, and I do love going to a gig when I don’t know any of their music…I feel like I have a different experience and I’m not waiting for that one song I’ve heard a few times…seems like some people do that…when I saw The Naked and Famous a couple weeks ago it felt like some people (those next to me) were bored, and didn’t expect the rest of their music to be so “rocky” (it was a bloody awesome gig too, they were rad) but stood there (next to me) complaining about it being hot…and blocking my view whilst not even getting into it…until they played their hit song…the dancy one…I can’t remember the name of it (who cares really) anyway the point being that going to a gig when you don’t know the music can be the best way (my opinion) and that people who only know one song and don’t like to expand their horizons should stay at home…or go elsewhere…just don’t stand in front of me bitching

So Stephanie studies Art History and writes an art blog (on the Brisbane art scene) and so naturally we spent most of our free time (not that there was much of that) traipsing the back streets and laneways of Fitzroy and the city (mainly) looking at graph art and paste ups…Melbourne has such a great scene for graph art, and compared to other Aus cities it’s more widely accepted here as an actual art form…this proven by our visit later in the week to the Until Never Gallery, off Hosier Lane in the city…where Brisbane street artist, Shida was exhibiting and had work for sale.

Above: Sri Ganesh – Hosier Lane, Melbourne

Ganesh…the god of travel and new beginnings…

The photos below are Shida’s work, some on the walls around Hosier Lane, and the last one is one of the pieces for sale at the exhibition…it’s a resin piece on an old drawer…so awesome

Stephanie eventually left Melbourne pretty reluctantly…who can blame her though..best city right here…

Oh, and there are plans to move here next year


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