Monk Bodhi Dharma…the skinny of it

Yesterday morning despite the rain and feeling pretty seedy my friend and I managed to drag ourselves out of bed for want of caffeine and actually located Monk Bodhi Dharma. Like all of  Melbourne’s best spots it’s down an alleyway near the Safeway carpark behind Carlisle St, Balaclava (or St Kilda East…it’s the same suburb yea?)

I’d heard of it before and like the coffee fanatic I am, just had to go and see for myself…I hear the food is great but that will be another trip…

The coffee was, as reputed, very good. But the one thing that I really really loved about this place…no skim milk.


I’ve always said when I open my own place I won’t have any skim milk…I realise a lot of people order skinny milk…but really it’s only 2% less than the full fattiness of fat milk at 4% fat…huge really…maybe just drink less? or start taking your coffee black? How about you just add water next time…

I reckon it’s hard to cut out such a huge percentage of customers (a majority of orders where I work are skim) but on the principle of it, that’s what I would do too…sure you need soy for those who can’t actually drink milk…for medical or other reasons…but I applaud them for doing it, and being rated one of Melbourne’s top coffee spots…people were literally standing in the rain waiting for a table.

Now that’s some dedication for a coffee.


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