flood relief @ The Espy

so I saw this poster when I was at the Espy a while ago and got pretty excited about the cover bands…not really noticing that it was for QLD flood relief…not that I’m not into helping the flood victims…of course when I found out it was for flood relief I was even happier about it.

now I haven’t seen a cover band per say…I’ve seen bands do covers, which is cool…there’s usually 2 ways to go about it…either you play the song as the original band played it (to the best of your ability) or you change it and play it in an original version, which can be good too…depending on the band..

I should have known with a name like Shred Zeppelin, what was going to be in store…without photos as proof, no one can really understand the awesomely horrendous gig that ensued…the lead singer’s resemblance to Robert Plant ends with a big pouf of long blond curls…his goatee resembling The Zohan a little more…I was disgusted by the pot belly hanging out of his open shirt (why!?) in an attempt to resemble his idol…and between the Blue Steel pouting and the interpretive dance (spirit fingers included), it was clear that many hours of video footage have been clocked up in every attempt to impersonate the epic singer.

the absolute best/worst part of it all was the female backup singer…to hit the high notes for our lead singer…I mean if you can’t hit the high notes what the hell are you doing in a Led Zep cover band?? the best member of the band (who may not even be part of the band?) was the guy on harmonica, who did some great “guitar solos” but really pulled them off…who is this band anyway?

after almost an hour break (and no drinks allowed outside) it was time for the Doors show…I dare say our lead had a good voice were it not for him bragging about being “so fucked on….you use your imagination…” – so…nothing? as he was swigging from a bottle of Jim Beam – who drinks JB straight anyway? and asked for a lighter for the audience to light his cigarette…I mean how awesomely rock n roll is this guy anyway? It was an amusing act, as we watched what was an accurate imitation of some of Morrison’s gigs…the try hard outdone only but the ancient guitarist (who was actually incredible) but unfortunately also looked like a closet serial killer, intense with concentration…

overall it was a fine line between enjoying great music, and ignoring that it was being horribly butchered…knowing the lead singers of both bands were rolling in their graves at that very moment…the bizarre mix of people, ages and backgrounds truly shows what the Espy, St Kilda and great music is about

I’m partly relieved that I didn’t have my camera…now back to the couch with more coffee…mmm coffee…

it was fun overall though I did have to make a quit exit as soon as the first notes of Stairway to Heaven started, not being able to stand the butchering of such an epic song.

now for something more enjoyable on this rainy grey sunday


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