St Kilda Live & Local Photos

Here is a selection of my photos from Live & Local week (a couple of weeks ago now)…they’re also on the facebook page for St Kilda Festival, though this is my selection (not a fan of them all)

That week was my first time shooting live bands at was a lot of fun, though pretty tiring…the main thing i learnt about the whole thing is that bands are pretty hard to take photos of. They move a lot. And most of the bands I was shooting were up and coming bands, those not quite used to being on stage (from what I could tell) and some of them were so shy they were facing each other with their backs to the audience….hello…that’s not how it works here….you may be shy, but putting on a show is part of being a musician right…

Anyway short of telling them to turn around (I tried a couple of times) there’s not a lot I can do about it really…at the end of the day they’re the ones looking stupid in the photos…oh and the lighting! my god!! Most of these venues had pretty much no lights…making it pretty difficult for me…short of setting the lights up myself (which I did at the Sea Baths a couple of times…I now know where they keep their power boards and extension cables too)

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