Live & Local 2011

so I have a bunch of photos from the past couple weeks that I want to put up very soon…from the tennis and Australia day amongst other shenanigans…I’ll attempt to get around to it very soon I hope…but of course just as I was complaining about how bored I was a couple weeks ago it all picked up pace and I was back to the crazy busy life I had before…with hardly any free time…

this week is Live & Local, which is part of the St Kilda Festival…run by the council there are free gigs on every day at various venues around St Kilda (no surprise there..) for more info and a schedule check it out on
I am doing some photography for the festival so I’ll be down in St Kilda every day this week and hopefully next week I’ll be able to get some of those posted here too!

It’s a very musical week here in Melbourne between Laneway Festival, all the sideshows, Live & Local and of course Good Vibes this weekend too! there’s so much going on there’s no way to keep up…it’s time to make some tough decisions and choose where to hang…northside or southside…?
Obviously I’m south for the week but am very keen to check out Good Vibes on Sunday if I’m not totally burnt out by then..

Also thought I’d mention a band I saw last week at the Corner Hotel…The Naked and Famous…from NZ (surprisingly) they were AMAZING! I’d actually never heard of them beforehand, but I have a great friend who recommends gigs that he knows I’ll love and it was so damn good!

Now I mentioned briefly last post that I was about to undertake a week of hot yoga…I had every intention of going every day…and managed to do 5 out of 7, which considering the week I had is a pretty damn good effort I reckon! It was a supremely intense style of yoga, being in a very hot room and sweating like I’ve never sweat before…but it was a fantastic week of yoga and focus and planning days around yoga (drinking litres of water and eating around yoga) which has convinced me that I may incorporate this hot yoga into my weekly routine…maybe…I may also prefer doing yoga in a normal temperature and not being totally drenched coming out…wanting to pass out from the heat…we’ll see!

I do highly recommend Hot Box on Chapel Street, Prahran/Windsor…they have a great intro offer $20 for 7 days…check it out here:

for now I’m having a wee rest of yoga in my busy week, and I’m back at tafe with one last semester ahead…looks like I’m back in full swing with that busy life I was missing not long ago…should have enjoyed the nothingness of it all a little more I reckon..


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