lately it’s so quiet

upon returning I was so proud to have maintained my blog throughout my trip, writing every few days and adding photos as I went…now I’ve been back 3 weeks and I haven’t made a single post!
I must explain that my internet has not been working, and it seems I had a better internet connection in India (wherever I was) than my wireless here which just won’t work! I am one phone call short of murdering someone at TPG but until then, my photos are still way behind!

my first 10 days or so back were pretty hard…I felt bored and totally restless…I had nothing to do and everyone has a job! this is a part of coming back after travelling (even such a short trip) and I kind of expected it..also I think I’ve never had so little to do! I slept alot and overcame being bored by getting into action and back to work and of course catching up with friends and getting back into the swing of things!

I’ve had a busy 2 weeks and have lots to write about and many photos to load, but of course, that will have to wait until this connection is sorted! for now, I am attempting to upload the rest of my India photos so that is done and I can start putting up some Melbourne photos for really, summer has just begun here and I’m so happy to be here to experience it all! between Australia day, the Australian open, summer festivals and gigs and 40 degree days it’s just the start of an exciting Melbourne summer…late as usual!

I’m also excited to announce that I will be doing some photography for the St Kilda Live & Local festival this year (which starts this weekend) so i’ll be busy with that and hopefully will get some great shots up here too! this week I also start a bit of a health kick…I’m starting a one week hot yoga intensive…should be good…and pretty intense too I’m sure!

so here’s to starting 2011 on the right foot, with many exciting projects and a positive outlook for the year ahead! now it’s about making it all happen…


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