goan crazy

well i’ve managed to find a decent computer and am currently in the (extremely slow) process of loading photos again…may be updated today, we’ll see how we go…

my plans have changed again..i’ve decided to head south to Palolem with Emma and an american we met in Varkala (and ran into here again) for 2 days then back here for my birthday (because really, i’d rather be on a beach…who wouldn’t) and then meander through Maharashtra up to Mumbai for 2 days before going hooooooooome (via KL) that way i can also make up for missing new years and catch Prem Joshua play live at hilltop..should be cool.

i can’t quite wrap my head around the fact ill be home soon…it’s pretty awesome (I’m hanging for a damn good coffee…) and to see friends and be in my bed, but i feel like i’ve missed out on so much travel time being sick (damn being sick!) though what a place to be “stuck” really…i can’t complain..ill be back i know for sure…and probably in not that long, as i’m itching to travel more, and to see places i haven’t been or had to reroute (bloody Tamil Nadu..teasing me with your western ghats – Ooty)

i shall return! guess that’s all i can say for now.

im getting too comfortable driving here…my blue beast is serving me well, and i’m being tested daily (in patience, arm strength and ability) today we ran out of petrol (the little gage doesn’t work ok) so i was going round a bend and the car just stopped…nice…luckily i was able to pull over right away (there was just enough space) and just happened to be in front of a shop that sold petrol…by the litre…in plastic bottles (as they do here) thank god!

there was also a mechanic across the road (what amazing placement for a breakdown!) though he was in town for the day…so no help to us…

after purchasing a few litres of petrol, pouring them in and waiting, the car still wouldn’t start…i thought the battery had gone, but apparently the motor was so dry it just wouldn’t start…so in a moment of Indian genius, 2 guys (who appeared out of nowhere) decided to help me by pushing the car (with emma – it was hilarious, wish i could have grabbed a photo of that) up a mini hill and back down so i could start the car…it worked!

if everything i’ve dealt with on the roads here is not a testament to the fact that i deserve my license, i don’t know what is….
i’m driving a car from the 50s with NO power steering (obviously) on the crazy Indian roads (they’re crap) with crazy Indians on the road (they’re crazy – they overtake someone who’s overtaking someone else on a blind bend…all the time…they leave their high beam on….) there are cows EVERYWHERE…what else can i say? ah yes, they stay in the middle of the road, lingering to get a better look at the car…there are no words to explain what it truly is to drive here…its nuts…i’m nuts…but in one piece and tougher for it….god knows how i’ll adapt to driving in Australia…won’t exactly go down well if i’m beeping away constantly…yelling at people and swerving around the cows…oh yea..there are no cows on the road…you’d think it’d be much easier there..we’ll see…either way i should be handed my full license and a certificate of bravery upon arrival in Australia…oh and perhaps a fine for driving without a license…nah ill just pass a few hundred rupees over…that’d do it.

lets hope for good karma and pray that these photos load up…not sure how long i can sit here for but perhaps update at least to Gokarna…if not to Goa…


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