irony at it’s best

for the very loud person i am, i found myself at home on NYE with a throat infection…what an unexpected way to end the year…such an unexpected year it was…seems fitting really in some ways…

obviously it would have been nicer without the crazy infection and antibiotics…but at least i wasn’t glued to the toilets right…

i think that the crazy pace of the start of the trip may have had something to do with it too…21 places in 11 days…that’s alot of moving around, and alot of crowded transport (which is where you pick up the viral infections…lovely…)

so after a super quiet new years and a complete lack of partying (so sad) i slept more than i’ve slept in years (actually since last time i was in india and sick…im seeing a pattern…) and im almost well enough to get back on the road..thank god!

the insane slow-pace of this computer is preventing me from loading the photos i’d like to load…hopefully tomorrow i’ll have a chance to get that done before heading off..

i’ve reassessed my itinerary again, and it seems that Tamil Nadu will just have to wait till my next trip…don’t reckon im up for a 24 hour train ride just i’m heading north, meandering up the konkan coast in maharashtra…through Pune (where ill probably celebrate my birthday) and up to Mumbai for a day or 2 before flying home (via KL)…yea ill be home in just over a week now…that is absolutely nuts…


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