6 days later…I’m still in Goa…

what a place to be “stuck” hey…apart from the mad tourism it’s quite beautiful here, oh and I have this kick arse flat to live in, which totally helps…

so I’ve been driving around (first in a little white japanese car, then in that beautiful blue beast) for a few days, and it’s pretty hectic driving in India…there have been a couple of incidents…though nothing too serious, thank god.

first it was the cops…no real reason, it appears they wanted some money, as you do…so 500 Rs (about $12) I was free to go…quite a rip off for Indian standards but for anywhere else, total bargain!
for a first day (let’s keep in mind that I’m on my learner permit, haven’t driven since June, and generally don’t really drive at all) it was incident free, total surprise to me too..

in one day i managed to reverse into a car – cracked the license plate…well they weren’t there anyway, and the cops didn’t seem to care too much…clip a guy on the elbow – really he shouldn’t have been on the road, I blame the lack of pavements in this country, plus who walks with their back to traffic (everyone here), and between stalling quite a bit…(totally the car, proof you ask? well my dad AND brother also stalled the car, so there.) oh and I managed to bust a tire…at night…on a quiet road…thank god my brother was there, oh and I had a torch…and I know how to change a tire…in a wonderful family bonding moment I taught my brother how to do it, and welcomed him into manhood…hahaha

as Emma put it so well “I’m not scared in the car with you driving, but I’m worried for those on the road around you”…yup I’m a bit of a menace…actually, I drive like an Indian…one hand on the horn..it’s the only way here…it’s a right of passage, there is no giving way, no priority, nothing..it’s me first and too bad for the rest of you…so I’m doing well!

oh, and the beast? no accidents, just cruising around and loving life…

so nothing super exciting going on here, I’m pretty sick so I’m staying put till I’m better, looks like it’s going to be some kind of trance party in Goa for new years…could be worse yea…life’s a bit of a beach down here…yoga and beach..not too bad….going to head east early in the new year to get a bit more travelling done before heading home (very very soon!!)

more photos coming soon, possibly when I’m on a computer of normal speed…at this rate I’ll be here all night…


2 thoughts on “6 days later…I’m still in Goa…

  1. hahah I see your Indian heritage is blossoming out of you! I’m going to hate you when you get back aren’t I? xoxoxo Oh and please don’t kill anyone, yes even if it is an accident it still counts, or any animals- cats are okay. Okay love you

    • Haha no way could you ever hate me…no deaths to report yet, animals totes count, tho you may not know they’re everywhere here…cows in the middle of the road and all..harder to avoid than you’d think!

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