a moment of belonging.

I was standing in the cold, miserable rain of Ooty, drinking coffee, smoking, with a turban on my head…being stared and laughed at by the men standing around…I turned and spat on the floor…and it hit me…I’m like an Indian man.

I finally found my sense of belonging in India…

I realised that perhaps these guys find it strange how all these foreign women come over and act..well, like men. we’re loud, we’re alone, we’re independent and pushy…(I was wearing a scarf as a turban) to them, we may as well be men…the women here are so stuck in their traditional roles…

look at how they dress…a huge majority of women still wear the sari or salwar kameez, whereas most men wear (horribly styled) western clothes…this alone says masses about the society here and the roles each gender is encased in…as one guy in Kochi told me, it’s time for us to evolve too..so right..it’s about time…if India wants to move into this century and perhaps one day be a world leader (I can’t see it, personally…) they’re going to have to let some of the traditions slide to make room for the modern world they want to be a part of.

so Christmas is in 2 days…and I’ve spent the day sitting on a little beach in southern India…there’s no mobile signal..it’s beautiful…couldn’t feel further away from it all.
tomorrow up to Goa…should be good though I’m not really looking forward to the crowds…and egos…and all that jazz…


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