God’s own country

So i’ve been in Fort Kochi for 3 nights now, it’s my 3rd day and its time to move on…it’s a great little fishing town, very cute and very easy to just walk around and hang out…been meeting people everywhere, i don’t think i’ve had a whole meal alone yet!

It’s such a great thing meeting people on the road, we all have something in common so for people who might not usually find it so easy to talk to strangers, the barriers are down, and we can usually have a great conversation about where we’ve been, where we’re going, what we think so far…places to go, places to avoid…and other traveller’s stories…it’s awesome!

I think travelling alone you tend to meet more people, but alot of people are still surprised that i’m travelling by myself, mostly those in couples…I am loving it. it’s so important to know how to be alone, though i can’t even remember how many times i’ve been asked and told my story about “my husband”, and how he’s in the next town and i’m meeting him in 2 days, and no, we don’t have any children yet…why not? it’s never ending…hahaha…there isn’t much sense of personal space, let alone too personal a question here, they want to know everything, even how much you earn! sometimes it’s tricky avoiding the questions, but usually you can turn it around and ask them questions in return…what is your good name? if you ask about their kids and wives you can get them talking for a while.

So back to meeting people on the road, it’s so easy, i tend to meet people wherever i go, even in Melbourne..so here, where we’re all sharing a similar experience, and we all come from all over, it’s easier, and faster than in your everyday lives…
within a day i had met people from:
germany & chile (these 2 were married)
france (heaps and heaps of french here)
england & new zealand (these 2 were living in singapore)
america – seattle, santa monica, LA
belgium (Bruges!)
and more frenchies…
that’s in ONE day…nuts…

so as i posted in that map last time, i’m planning on heading south to Alleppy from here to do a little Keralan backwaters tour – a MUST DO in this area it appears..i’m excited to move on to somewhere new, further south and eventually to the tea plantations north east of here…i hear it’s amazing up there! though as everywhere, it’s getting more and more touristy, and there are so many tourists even here getting around in skimpy clothing…its so frustrating to see people who come to India with no regard for the local culture to the point of wearing mini dresses here. The locals don’t like it (i’ve checked) and it’s pretty much insulting. why travel if you’re not even vaguely interested in the culture? Stay at home? Go elsewhere where you won’t be offending people…that’s really taking it to a new level..

Anyway that’s enough ranting…I’m off to do some yoga, finally, been searching for a place that’s not a rip off since i got here, my body is crying out for some yoga!

Photos up soon, promise, I’ve been patiently loading them for over an hour now…surely it won’t be long now…


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