Incredible Indeed…

Well I had planned on finally uploading some of my awesome photos of India given that i’ve been here almost a week now! Of course things don’t seem to go as planned and that’s ok…I flew yesterday from Delhi to Kochi (Kerala) and arrived sans backpack…great…no clean clothes…and no cable for my camera either! so next time it’ll be…whenever that is…now it’s the next day and many calls to the airport later “the bag is not here yet”…ok so you have no idea where it is then…yeaa great! Guess i’d better go buy some clean clothes it’s so humid here…
With any luck it might be on one of the flights coming in today or tomorrow, as long as it’s not lost somewhere in the masses of Delhi airport or better yet, in some other random part of the country, i’m ok…

So after a hilarious but slightly frustrating stint in Delhi with my Indian family (who i’ve not really seen since i was about 1) I’m finally off down south and my journey begins…I had planned to fly to Chennai (Madras, in the state of Tamil Nadu) and make my way down south around the east coast and then back up Kerala ending up in Goa for christmas, but in another fine example of things going as they do, it’s been pissing down and flooding in Tamil Nadu for the past 2 weeks…given that i thought it best to not brave the floods (schools are being closed and people are dying from mostly electrocution related incidents) I booked my ticket straight to Kerala.

I now have about 2 weeks to make my way down south, loop back up through the tea estates in the mountains and up to Goa for christmas and mum’s birthday..

So far I love Kerala..compared to past trips north to areas like Rajasthan it’s a completely different vibe…the people are more friendly and there is alot less staring…seemingly strange for an area that receives less tourism than Rajasthan…but a very welcome change. I spent the early morning drinking chai and hanging out with the local fishermen by the river, a beautiful area which is being changed by tourism every year…surrounded by men, yet completely welcome with smiles, chai and friendly conversation…they barely stare, its amazing! looks like i’ve found my neck of the woods!
These friendly Keralans with their huge smiles, so proud to show me their biggest catch of the day, huuuuge fish! will post photos soon (whenever that may be…Im on Indian time now) everyone seems to be sporting a mo…it’s like movember all over again!

You really gotta love the internet…everything is possible hey…here is a google maps of the trip i’ve planned for Kerala so far…

Kerala…God’s own country…


2 thoughts on “Incredible Indeed…

  1. How exciting! I’m glad to here about the less frequent staring and I’m also pleased you avoided getting electrocuted. Have you got your ‘wedding ring’ yet? je t’aime! bisous! xoxoxo

    • bad news…i seem to have lost weight in my fingers…weird i know…my wedding ring is gonna fall off!!! i almost lost it today..oh and i went swimming!! first time in the sea it was amazing!! been dying for a swim for 2 weeks…finally! 🙂

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