Velcome to Dell-HEE

So here I am…over 24 hours of travel later I’m finally in India…

While on the topic I’d like to send a personal thank you to the little Indian girl sat behind me who spent 6 hours alternating between bashing the back of my seat and playing “like a G6” out loud on her iphone…true bloody story…kids these days…

Meanwhile we were welcomed into Dell-HEE airport, where though we landed on time, due to a plane that happened to be in the way (perhaps someone left it there?) we waited about an hour to get parked…then another hour for luggage…
now this seems pretty normal for India, but Delhi actually has a brand new airport, looks like something out of Singapore or Thailand, but completely empty…it’s quite freaky actually…you walk for what feels like kilometers of travellators past empty glass rooms (i assume they were to be the various gates and such) over shiny new carpets, and yet with all this new infrastructure they still struggle! Then anyone who has been here before would know that efficiency is not quite a strong point…getting cash changed is a job for 4 people apparently…

Anyway it’s fantastic to be here, I’m so excited to be starting this trip, and it’s my first time to witness winter in Delhi…it’s not actually cold compared to a real winter elsewhere, but everyone seems to be freezing and they’re wearing heaps of clothes, plus it’s really foggy..

I must say that I felt oddly misplaced hearing Lady Gaga on the radio last night..what a weird and global world we live in…though I was absolutely reassured by a new advert for “India’s first deodorant and antiperspirant”…THANK GOD IT’S HERE!!

What a land of contradictions it is…DAY 1!! Here we go…


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