so it was a friend’s birthday yesterday, and I met up for some birthday cocktails at a little hidden gem in a laneway in the city…Murmur…just off little Bourke St in that action-packed area (between Elizabeth and Queen…right near a favourite coffee place, which I shall post about another time…)

Murmur is a small place upstairs with a huge cocktail list and knowingly pretentious bartenders…but then, where are the modest barmen?

worth checking out if you’re after a drink “off the beaten track” so to speak…Melbourne is all about the hidden places down the dingy laneways, those ones that someone shows you and if you’re not drunk you may remember how to get there and it might even become a favourite…but some of these hidden secrets become so popular that you can’t get a seat! (hello Sister Bella…) while I am a fan of all places hidden and secretive, the moment they become mainstream something magical disappears, everyone can go there! everyone knows where it is! and while I do enjoy the better known places around Melbourne as well such as Madame Brussels or even Rooftop Bar, there is something great about going to an unheard of place that you have to lookup so you can find it (thank you Google Maps!) and you get to discover as you head upstairs that there is a small club of people who know this haunt and it makes it more exciting…maybe that’s just me…

but then you’ll have to check it out to find out for yourself…


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