and then there was…nothing…

so after the excitement of finally making my own blog subsided…I got really busy!! and now I feel terrible knowing that I have posted nothing since my first post! how slack is that?

anyway not to make excuses but I really have been flat out with studies, assignments and work!

and of course I’m still waiting for my camera…soon soon I hope!

so I’m now officially on 2 week break, thank god!! but i also have to find a new place to live, which does in fact take a lot of time and energy! not only just trawling through the crap on gumtree but actually visiting each place and meeting the potential flatmates and within that 15-30 minutes you might get trying to simultaneously gauge if you like the people, the place, the room, the bathroom, the location and if they like you and are you giving off a good impression!?! and ok I like them but could I live with them?? ahhh crazy tiring stuff..but I’m being positive and I’m sure my hard work will pay off and i shall be (hopefully) moving into an amazing place very soon with some fantastic new flatmates…

cross your fingers for me…

i promise to be back soon with real posts…it’s hard at the moment but there is now free time for real inspiration…rather than the usual daily rush about town! also Melbourne has recently decided that even though it was officially spring it needed a little more winter…so i’m sure everyone is enjoying this sudden cold (when we were all looking forward to the sun and some warmth finally!) soon soon…

maybe cross your toes we get some warm sunny days too…haha!!


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